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Hello Jan, You recently remarked that the "neue typografie," had been primarily used for printed advertising matter and that it was out dated; You said It’s unsuitable and should be abandoned because it’s outdated and can’t be used to design normal printed matter, especially literary works


Bill, you must be talking about my lecture 'Constants in Typography’, in which I criticized the 'New Typography' that I actually helped to circulate in the first place, I’ll have you know. You obviously weren’t there listening. So your half-understood, grossly distorted quotations from my lecture must have come from second or third hand sources. You should’ve gotten your information from me, before making a petty and fanatical attack on book typography.

Your thesis, seemingly supported by shabby argumentation, has been causing trouble here for several years now and is all too well known. Why are you so afraid of the future? Why do you want to stick to your “tried and true” ways?


Bill you’re putting words in my mouth! What I actually said was: 'The New Typography hasn’t become the norm just yet, but it has proved itself to be suitable for advertising and jobbing so far. For the book, and particularly for literature, it is still completely unsuitable.